The Toby Rap

The Toby Rap
We saw the Call with trepidation
Indulged in a deal of hesitation
How would we manage communication
How would he deal with the new dispensation
Would he expire with justified frustration
Anyway we volunteered!

Well we did have a lot of sheer frustration
Coming to terms with the situation
Tricky bath caused an inundation
Wicked chair caused mortification
Only Lyn’s foot!

Sunday night was a celebration
Feast at Mum and Dads some intoxication
Spoke about our Toby admiration
In between chat about nice vacations
Where next eh?

So we hope you survived our visitation
Without too much of bored frustration
This little ode is for your appreciation
Expresses all our admiration
Hail TOBES the Hero!

October 2014

P.S. love to Quest…