Goodbye to Trains

Soon we will have lost

Our regular sightings

Of trains.


My mother appreciated them

With excited yells of

“A train, a train!”


But we thought

“Yes, yes, a train – so?”

Normal. Mundane.


But each day now

The building site grows;

Blocking, threatening, an actual pain.


Soon we shall no longer

See the 7.39

Flashing along the line,


Its dozen carriages

Making the rising sun

Flicker through the gaps.


I wish I’d been more appreciative

A train

Isn’t mundane

My mum was right

To let it excite her.


Harvest Song

‘Larches’ is now a stubble field;
Exeter has reaped our yield.
Ketchup, peanut-butter jars
Mourn on shelves while parts of cars
Anglia, M.G., Caravelle
Rattle the dustbin like a knell.

No nose-prints mar the windowpane
And hotter water too’s a gain..
A strangely tidy upstairs room..
A quiet house – a little gloom.

Time, tide wreak not the status quo;
Arrows all must leave the bow.
Godspeed you son where ‘ere you go.
I stalk the lawn with my sad hoe…