I Was

I was. Yet what I was
Now occupies the world
My rhymes and songs
Of flowers, fields and birds
Are passed about and heard…
Beneath the summer cushions
Where I lie
I hear the chancel ring
With Decent Scrapers
Poor John Clare.
I was, yet strangely now
I am once more.

Helpston Church
July 13, 2017


Especially poignant in that this was probably Rob’s last poem. Please leave your memories of Rob here or send them through the contact form to be incorporated.

Robin Robertson Edgar
5.3.36 – 19.7.17 


Hazel Ode

Cheers Joe! Congrats Becca!

Welcome Hazel Henrietta!

Two dark eyes, not too much hair.

Share your birthday with John Clare…

Just halftime in the World Cup match:

Perfect time for a chick to hatch…

By a better bard than McGonnagle!