Harold – June 1st 1995

Birdsong began
The last assembly for Mr Mann.
Sadly, the chances are
He was not there
To share
The chorus of the dawn,
The final hymn.
His body old,
Its tale all told,
Remained, waiting its rites –
‘Abide With Me’
And God Be In My Head,
A rose of white, for York
And one of red
For love.
His spirit?
Not above but all around;
In flowers on the empty table,
In letters of condolence,
In his old watch,
his stick,
His files,
His family, Brethren, friends
Remembered Mr Mann
And heard ‘A time to live;
A time to Die’.
For us
The chorus of the dawn
Will sound again.
A tree
In memory
Of Harold Rider Mann,
Will grow next Spring
In his old school
And harbour future birds
Who’ll sing
A hymn to praise another dawn.