Grave Questions

Floral tributes DAD and MUM
Brightened up the old churchyard.
“Why does it say Mum”, said Mia,
Reading well and thinking hard.

The tricky situation
Know-all Sammy saves –
“All dead people lying there.
The flowers are on their graves”.

“But what happens to the children
If Mum and Dad both die?”
Mia answered this one
Without batting an eye.

“They all go to the orphanage”
She claimed with certitude.
“So would that happen to us”, asked Sam.
He sounded quite subdued.

Gran made haste to reassure
The puzzled pair of tots.
“Who do you think could look after you –
There’s lots and lots and lots…”

Sam mentioned Stevie, wouldn’t you know!
Then Nic and Jenna too.
Or Ben and Carrie, Lance and Kate…
The list just grew and grew…

Till Mia calmly closed the page
With “or we could go to the orphanage?” !

Sundon, 2004