Silver Skins

Trevor H. is
So doesn’t mind
Their silver skins.

One reason why
I like them is
They ain’t got them
In Milton Kyns..

Bedford’s silver sculptures are close
to the bust of Trevor Huddlestone.

Bedford 2007

Thirty-nine steps

At first John Buchan had a hand in this
But multi-layered meanings make for bliss:
Two sellers, one of houses, one of cars;
A publican, controlling several bars;
An architect in training – ‘tect’ seems apt;
An educationist in lifelong learning wrapped.
These five make up the steps of Rod and Line
So ‘Steps’ just fits our thirty-nine…

Now Jon and Lance, Dan, Caroline and Nic
Can all feel good about the name we pick
And as they trace each skilful chiselled line
Think “this one’s me” and treat the poet to wine…

Bedford, 2000


A tiny solar panel, four centimetres wide
Drives seven coloured cogwheels
All arranged inside.
A see-through globe of Perspex
From which a brazen rod
Supports a crystal hexagon
To catch the eye of God.

The machine clings tightly suckered
To a southward windowpane
And when the sky is cloud free
And doesn’t threaten rain
The panel catches sun rays;
The cogwheels slowly move,
Driving round the crystal;
Then rainbows start to rove –

Around the walls and ceiling
Dappling my eyes
Splashing seven colours
With a Rainbow Room Surprise!

Bedford, 2002

Summer Sweets

Plump purple fingers in the sky –
Tall buddleia in late July,
Attracting every butterfly…

Lavender stalks sway with the breeze
Though faded, they still draw the bees,
Who never seem to take their ease…

The damsons now are changing hue
From green into a purplish blue –
Soon they’ll tempt me –
Or sooner, you!

Bedford, Summer 2009

An anti-depressant

My 72nd Birthday Balloon, star-shaped,
Sea-blue, beribboned and bedecked,
After two months
Began to tire and sink.
It made me feel depressed.

The solution was surgical.
I cut the lovely ribbons,
Lightening its burden,
Then went into the garden
And – ah – my Happy Birthday Grandpa
Lived again!
Up,up it soared skywards,
A bright blue balloon in a bright sky.
Catching a southerly breeze
It seemed to sing its message
As it ascended,
Carrying my spirits with it.

I watched until it vanished…
Way to go…

Bedford, May 2008


As we sat down to supper,
In our glass-walled room,
She lit a candle
Against October’s gloom.

The tiny flame gave little light
But in each wall of doubled glass
Sprang twin reflections burning bright.

The opened sliding door
Increased the score
To four and more – and more..
Whichever way one gazed
The tiny flicker multiplied,
Just as a single smile
Makes miles of smiles.

People in glass houses
Though forbidden stones,
Should light a candle
– and smile.

October 2001 on National Poetry Day