Critical comment

The ‘Worst Verse’ series turned a bit of fun into money to save childrens’ lives in Taba, Southwest Rwanda. Many locals helped with comments and publicity:

What the Glitterati and Infamous Locals had to say about A Fivers Worth of Verse From Billingshurs’

I have shown these to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. I return the enclosure herewith and am sorry this may cause disappointment.
Margaret Colville, Lady-in-Waiting

To say these poems are no good
Is something I’d be sorry at,
For truthfully you seem to me
A budding Poet Laureate.
But as I know you disagree
And say your verse is all rot
‘Twixt you and me let others judge
If it is – or – is not.
Edward Enfield (The Oldie)

This is the worst birthday present Ive ever had
Sue ‘When the Boat Comes In’ Jameson

Please don’t buy this – it will only encourage him
Lyn, Wife of the Bard

The pictures are rather nice
Michael Wright (Daily Telegraph)

It’s awful
Sue ‘When the Boat Comes In’ Jameson

Her Majesty never makes comments on items sent to her

Come back McGonagall, all is forgiven
James Bolam

I’ll sell it if you give me half
Anonymous local trader

I like the pictures. I do like the pictures.
Helen Chislett (Sunday Times)