Way to heaven

Like wide-bodied aeroplanes
Threading through the New York sky
They navigate with seeming ease
Between green pillars metre-high
Heavy-laden, hear them come
With their terrifying hum
Crashing into tower tops
Assaulting all the rooftop shops
Religiously they work to please their God
Or queen of honey bees
Luckily only a lavender heaven
Not another nine eleven…


Hollybank Farm

Ugo didn’t know it
And George “didn’t see no harm”
But little did they think
That they’d started Carrie’s farm…

Ben made them vast enclosures
For their summer season runs
And Carrie stowed them underground
Till wintertime was done…

Barney joined the tortoises
While Rubes was growing up
Then Rusty came and very soon
Rocky, Rusty’s pup….

Jaime for her birthday
Was given three fine hens
Daffodil and Bluebell
And Buttercup – all friends…

The chickens are delightful.
They strut on sticklike legs
And everybody’s waiting
For the moment they lay eggs!

Hollybank, April 20th, 2016

Helium Help

My Big Eight O
Blue balloons,
Now a month old
Are running out of
Puff …
The 8 now says S
So together they signal
Two thirds of the International
Mayday call.
Perhaps passing Eighty is
A call for help …

Pondering @ Eighty

I really am a lucky guy but
I should like to find out why
I’ve just had:
A book dedication
Two blue helium balloons
A new Phillishave razor
About 39 cards
Five Facebook mentions
Six books
A Harris tweed cap (new)
A pair of Uggs (fake, too small)
A complimentary ticket to Uppark
Tickets for a Bill Bailey concert
A voucher for lunch at The Shard
Another for tea at Amberley Castle
Two boxes of chocolates
( one malt-whisky flavoured and
one Ferrero Rocher, yum)
A poem from a grand-girl
Two concerts in Stamford
A Volcano Cake ( frightening)
A game of carpet croquet
A guitar tuner
A new Scrabble dictionary ( heavy)
Two bottles of Merlot ( miniature)
a hamper of Scots goodies
And, to answer my initial pondering
A red-painted wooden word
L. O. V. E