The Norfolk Broads

Who were the crew of Juliette 2
A-sail on the Thurne and the Bure?
Six hardy souls, with just the one goal,
To brave the chill May and endure!

The youngest was Jaime, a remarkable dame
Who could skip on the grass or a tree.
She was proud of her skipping
Forgot about tripping
And made a red hole in her knee…

Her big brother was Rube, a planker-like dude
Who sailed very fast on a Broad.
He played football and Rummy,
Rowed dinghies, was funny
And thank goodness he never got bored…

Their cousin was Sam; he was taller than Gran.
He could drive Juliette up to Potter.
Then take down the bits
To get under the Bridge.
All the things he could do were a lot’a!

The other three crew had nought much to do
Except cook, sail or shout out at boats.
They drove up the Thurne,
Spotted heron and tern
And just enjoyed being afloat.

So this Champion Crew of Juliette 2
The things they all did were just hoards!
They saw Hickling and Horning
Heard cuckoos a-calling
And had a great time on the Broads.

Martham Broad
May 2015