Summer Sweets

Plump purple fingers in the sky –
Tall buddleia in late July,
Attracting every butterfly…

Lavender stalks sway with the breeze
Though faded, they still draw the bees,
Who never seem to take their ease…

The damsons now are changing hue
From green into a purplish blue –
Soon they’ll tempt me –
Or sooner, you!

Bedford, Summer 2009


He left us all at half-time
But there was nothing half-hearted about him
He was known by only half his name – Matt –
Though probably got ‘Halfpinted’ by rude folk
Or cheekier pupils…
He never had a ‘better half’
But Facebook showed he had half the world
Who called him friend.
His half a life left us wanting more.
It wasn’t enough; thirty-five is a poor half
of life’s allotted span.
But did we love him?
Not half…