Silver Skins

Trevor H. is
So doesn’t mind
Their silver skins.

One reason why
I like them is
They ain’t got them
In Milton Kyns..

Bedford’s silver sculptures are close
to the bust of Trevor Huddlestone.

Bedford 2007

The Prisoner

Penned in close by wooden walls,
Around the prison yard she crawls;
For food and drink she never calls…

The fickle sun’s her only quest;
Bright summer skies make her feel blessed.
With hunched back warm she takes her rest…

Unlike abodes of rich men’s daughters,
A tiny shed serves for her quarters –
But Ugo’s only Ruben’s tortoise.

Thakeham, July 2007


A touching sight, well worth a tear
The rabbit and Hal Cazimir,
Acting like pals of many a year.

His face expressed delighted fear
Plus pride in getting quite so near
Enough indeed to touch an ear
And Grandpa’s heart my grandson dear.

(Rabbits at “Shoots” were rather dear
So Hal came home with something near.
Well, squirrels have a fluffy rear!)
I shelled out four pounds ninety nine
And Hal said “mine”.

November 2007