Ode to two ladies

Haloed by Hartnell, hailed by great and small;
Her justly famous wave and smile were known and loved by all.
Her ways were loving, quiet and Good –
A model of grandmother hood;
Stately, gracious, Royal though I Royal born,
Her kindness,constancy and spunk
Put other royals to scorn.
She stood enpinnacled above the venom’d pens
That massacre her lesser, frailer kin.
Exemplifying a monarchy
Built strong on popularity…

This was for your mother
But you share her royal name.
You have followed in her footsteps
But outdone her Royal game.
With all your quiet qualities,
With all your queenly art,
You’ve now replaced your mother
And hold the nation’s heart.

Robin Edgar
The Bard of Billingshurst