Pondering @ Eighty

I really am a lucky guy but
I should like to find out why
I’ve just had:
A book dedication
Two blue helium balloons
A new Phillishave razor
About 39 cards
Five Facebook mentions
Six books
A Harris tweed cap (new)
A pair of Uggs (fake, too small)
A complimentary ticket to Uppark
Tickets for a Bill Bailey concert
A voucher for lunch at The Shard
Another for tea at Amberley Castle
Two boxes of chocolates
( one malt-whisky flavoured and
one Ferrero Rocher, yum)
A poem from a grand-girl
Two concerts in Stamford
A Volcano Cake ( frightening)
A game of carpet croquet
A guitar tuner
A new Scrabble dictionary ( heavy)
Two bottles of Merlot ( miniature)
a hamper of Scots goodies
And, to answer my initial pondering
A red-painted wooden word
L. O. V. E