Lakeside Evening

The moon seems too bright,
Almost a Hollywood technicolor version,
Hanging like a stage light,
Illuminating the busy lakeside scene.
Teenagers,toddlers,adults of all ages;
Some casting baited lines into the dark Lago;
Some cycling continuously around
Puccini’s statue and gardens;
Others feeding the quiet mallard
Making wedge patterns in the water;
Or trying yet another flavour in the ice cream parlour
The coffee machine erupts with a roar
Like a train in a tunnel;
The tiny cyclists call out excitedly;
Scooters draw up and unload
helmeted pillion-passengers…

And from the Gran Theatre stage
A tenor practises a line from Turandot,
While from the half-hid Torre del Lago
A window, reflecting the last pale
Patch of sky
Hints at the listening ghost of the
Great composer…

August 2011 Torre del Lago, Tuscany