Memories of Rob

Rob died on 19th July 2017, aged 81.

Please leave your memories here as a comment, or send them through the site to be incorporated here.

Robin Edgar was born in 1936. His father, James Gibson ‘Jock’ Edgar had penned this in his son’s diary in 1950 whilst living in Tripoli:

jock poem in Dad book 1950

Perhaps that started something, as there are now a huge number of penned poems, ditties and songs in his own files and scattered around in the collections of others.  The Worst Verse in Billingshurst  – A Fiver’s Worth of Verse from Billingshurs’ anthology was published locally in 1992 to raise funds for a Romanian Orphanage. Another followed in 1996 – An Even Worse Sequel to Worst Verse. With a letter received from the Queen Mum at Clarence House, these were received in the vein intended.

This is an attempt to unite them under one virtual roof, available for all. If you have a penned ode by Robin, please email it if you can’t see it on this site. (if it is handwritten, please do try and photograph it.) 

Published work in:
Bright Voices (2003) United Press Ltd ISBN 1-84436-064-4 (Candlelight, 2001)
National Poetry Anthology (2004) ISBN 1-84436-040-7 (Mia’s First Rainbow, 2004)
Body  and Soul (2005) ISBN 1-84436-322-5 (Way to Goad, 2005)

Funds for charity are being raised in Robin’s memory here.





One thought on “Memories of Rob

  1. As the band Decent Scrapers we were privileged to be the recipients of Rob’s last poem “I Was” following our concert at the John Clare festival in Helpston church on July 15th. We were very sorry to hear of Rob’s passing.

    We took his poem to be a reference to John Clare’s “I Am” which many will know. For those who don’t, it starts:

    I am—yet what I am none cares or knows;
    My friends forsake me like a memory lost:

    It was really moving to receive this poem. Although at one level it was Rob doing what he did so well — mimicking poets’ “voices” — we felt that Rob appreciated what we have been trying to do with the music that John Clare used to play and that he felt a human connection. As one poet/song-writing friend said “that’s better than a thousand reviews”.

    Rob gave us permission to put the poem on our web site which I will do soon.

    John Cubbin
    Sue Cubbin
    Paul McCann
    Ed Caines

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